Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Sign Up For The Unlimited Eco Wash Club?

Does Any Of The Water Used In The Car Wash Get Recycled?

  • Throughout the entire car wash process at My Eco Wash, we use the most advanced water reclamation technology and equipment (Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems).

How Does The Unlimited Eco Wash Club Work?

  • Our memberships allow you to wash up to once per day at any My Eco Wash location.  

    • All Member vehicles receive an RFID decal that is placed inside your front windshield (one vehicle per membership plan).  

    • We will automatically scan your decal when you enter our pay kiosk area to let you through for your wash without any further action required.  

    • Once purchased, your membership will renew automatically every month on the date of purchase until you decide to cancel it.

How Do I Cancel The Unlimited Eco Wash Club?

  • Membership plans can be cancelled at any time up to 7 days before your monthly recharge date.

    • Please ask to fill out a cancellation form at the store or give us a call. 

    • Be sure to continue washing through the end of your last paid month.

What Kind Of Soaps And Waxes Do You Use?

  • All of our cleansers, soaps, and waxes are 100% biodegradable; they are carefully tested to be safe for both your vehicle and the environment.

    • We have invested in state-of-the-art chemical mixing technology that delivers precise amounts of crystal-clear water and gentle, effective cleansers, soaps, and waxes.

Is Your Car Wash Safe For My Vehicle?

  • Our car washes are designed to leave you with a clean, shiny and dry vehicle with no damage. 

    • However, we cannot be responsible for the following items:

      • Antennas (we recommend lowering/removing before washing).

      • Rearview mirrors (we recommend folding in before washing).

      • Rear hitch/spare tire (if not removed, the back of your vehicle will not be cleaned).

      • Windshield wipers (ensure they are off before washing).

      • Pre-existing damage to any exterior part/surface (known/unknown).

      • Non-factory or dealer-installed equipment.

      • Moldings/Chrome/Decals/Pin striping.

      • Bug shields and guards.

      • Convertible soft tops.

      • Damaged/oxidations on paint or clear coat.

      • Anything on vehicles 1 year or older.

Are There Any Kinds Of Vehicles That Cannot Be Washed?

  • Yes, For Safety We Cannot Wash Vehicles With The Following Items:

    • Vehicles with excessive mud.

    • Vehicles taller than 7 feet.

    • Dual wheel trucks.

    • Tires wider than 12 inches.

    • Truck beds with debris, oil or fuel tanks.

    • Vehicles with less than 4 inches ground clearance.

    • Vehicles with excessive body damage or loose parts.

    • No trailers or vehicles longer than 21 feet.

How Long Can I Use The Vacuums?

  • Our vacuums are free to use with the purchase of any wash or membership plan and can be used as long as needed.  

    • During busy times, we ask that you please limit your vacuum use to 10 minutes so that others may utilize the services.